Goalden Gate Lottery Subscription

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For each £1 membership you will receive a Superdraw membership card giving you ten lucky numbers. Each week you enter you will have a chance of winning £1000, £150, £100, £75, £50, £25 or multiple £10 and £5 prizes! There are 60 prizes given away each week and you have ten chances to win them!

There are weekly cash prizes that add up to over a whopping £1,500 that are guaranteed to be won every week.

In addition, the Rollover Draw which can range from £100 to a staggering £5000 is up for grabs each week in the Superdraw 
On joining you will receive ten lucky numbers for each pound you pay into the Superdraw.

After purchasing your subscription you will be sent your lucky numbers by a member of the lottery staff.